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Here are some highlights of my work at GlobalEnglish.
GlobalEnglish Image
Flexible Marketing Pages - Built more than 50 high-visibility pages. This project includes a complete overhaul of our style sheets, and a migration of our pages away from table-based layouts. Working with ASPs, JavaScript and HTML.
Link to some examples here and here.
About The Company Japanese Home Page
Major features built in Flash include the Print Center, Navigation Menu component, Global Preloader page, Treasure Chest & various games.
Samples of activities I worked on are available here, here and here. (Sorry, IE only.)
Global Preload Page Adventure Navigation Menu Find Treasures
Actionscript API - Developed an object-oriented library for other developers, including the following classes: Queue, Stack, Priority List, Circle, Rect, XmlLoader, a MovieClip wrapper and UIFrame.
Content Management System - maintained and enhanced CMS. Built search functionality and other new tools using ASP.Net.
Content Search Tool
Participated in Original Design of Kids Site - Starting in 2001, I worked on a core team of designers and developers. I reviewed specs, researched the Flash extensively, built prototypes, and helped make fundamental design decisions about the product.
Design Document
Kids Pages - Built about 40 high-visibility pages for the Kids site, including the Home page, billing pages, and Parent Reports. Worked with ASPs, JavaScript and HTML.
Kids Billing Page
Site Maintenance - Hunted down and fixed server and client errors recorded in our logs. Fixed hundreds of bugs and became proficient at dealing with "legacy code".
Fixed Bugs
Load Testing - Used Microsoft's ACT Tool to analyze the effects of load on various parts of our site. Wrote Load Test scripts in Visual Basic. Ran tests, and worked with IT Manager and Server Architect to plan tests, write test ASPs, and interpret data.
Load Testing
Documentation - Wrote extensive documentation of many features in HTML pages, and more recently in our WIKI.
Wiki Page
There is more information about my accomplishments in QA (including screenshots) here.