Adam Pasztory



Employment History

1/06 – Present



·Renaissance Learning: Managed remote team of 6 engineers; built views and reusable components in Angular.js.
·Intel Labs: Developed open source NodeJS server for Galileo and Edison circuit boards.

·Autodesk Research: researched algorithms and implemented animation and rendering improvements in Project Cyborg, a 3D visualization tool for life sciences.

·Built responsive websites for BuzzPoints and Reebok.

·Served as technical director and lead developer for Cog1 on more than a dozen projects, including Samurai Kittens, a Mortal Kombat-style Flash game for IFC. Winner of 2006 National Gold ADDY award for Interactive Media.

· Other clients have included Goldmail, Tatu Digital Media and SkyIMD.


11/09 – 4/14

Co-Founder / Eng. Lead

Idle Games

· As employee #2 at Idle Games, I played an instrumental role in development and game design.

· Hired, trained and managed client engineering team.

· Engineering lead on social casino titles: Fresh Deck Poker and Slots of Fun

· Developed APIs to interact with scalable real-time server architecture to deliver concurrent gameplay.

· Wrote dynamic loading logic, rendering routines and low-level optimizations to deliver console-quality games over the web.

· Full stack experience including iOS, Android, HTML5, and Python server engineering (Django).

· Our first title, the outrageous MMO Idle Worship, is still fondly remembered by fans.

· Idle Games was acquired by GSN (Sony) in 2015.


9/02 - 12/05

Software Engineer

GlobalEnglish Corp.

· Client and server-side development for GlobalEnglish.  

· Led development of site redesign featuring new global style sheets based on web standards, and researched and advised around transition to ASP.Net.

· Contributed to numerous high-profile features including the Pronunciation Center, Business Skills Center, and Toolbar.

· Refactored client codebase using an object-oriented paradigms.

· Created games and contributed to overall design of kids’ product.
·Pearson Publishing acquired GlobalEnglish in 2012.


6/00 - 8/02

Senior SQA Engineer

GlobalEnglish Corp.

· Wrote WinRunner scripts, including a library of reusable functions to automate testing of the thousands of pages that comprise our site. Developed DLL extensions for WinRunner using C++.

· Performed code reviews, white box testing and load testing.

· Wrote SQL queries to test database functionality.

· Enhanced and maintained code for bug-tracking database.

· Wrote test plans and other technical documents, and ran training sessions.

· Supervised a team of QA Engineers and contractors in Korea.


11/99 - 5/00

Localization Coordinator

The 3DO Company

· Prepared software assets for localization of 3DO games, including Army Men, Might and Magic, and BattleTanx.  3DO shipped 21 localized SKUs in Europe in Q4 2000.

· Coordinated translation and voice recording of assets with localization companies.

· Worked with Domestic Marketing, 3DO Europe, and translators to localize manuals quickly and accurately. Reviewed localized parts for final shrink-wrapped products.

· Met with developers and established localization procedures for company. Created templates and worksheets to facilitate creation of localization kits.


9/97 - 10/99

Localization Supervisor


· Led localization of major product releases, including Rogue Squadron, Force Commander, Rebellion, X-Wing Alliance, and Star Wars: Behind the Magic.

· Supervised 5-person localization team. Recruited and trained new employees.

· Coordinated efforts between internal staff and external licensees to ensure worldwide simultaneous release of products.

· Resolved technical issues with translators, artists, programmers, and voice editors. Met with developers to educate them about the localization process.

· Additional duties included of organization of translated parts, public relations, marketing, product demos and presentations.

1/96 - 8/97

QA Tester/Lead Tester


· Served as International Lead Tester - oversaw testing of European and Asian versions of many games.

· Headed the test effort for TIE Fighter Mac and Herc's Adventures PSX. Developed test plans, supervised testing teams, maintained bug-tracking database, and gave status reports to management.

· Black box testing experience on numerous PC, Mac and console titles including Jedi Knight and Rebel Assault II.



San Francisco State University

San Francisco, CA

· 2nd Bachelors in Computer Science completed in 2007. 
· 3.8 GPA.

· Software Engineering Classes completed include: "Software Development", "Computer Graphics" and "Assembly Language".   Classes were taken while working full time.

Duke University

Durham, NC

·  B.A. in History

·  3.6 GPA


Volunteer Activities

· 2015: Technical Reviewer for Intel Galileo Blueprints from Packt Publishing.

· 2002 - 2007: Participated in various beta tests and usability studies for Macromedia and Adobe.

· 2000 - 2001, volunteer Math Tutor at San Carlos Central Middle School.

· In 2001, I contracted as the Editor for "Agone", a role-playing game published in English by Multisim. I edited the translations of 6 books, totaling about 800 pages.

· In 1997, I was a QA Tester for Exile II and Exile III, popular shareware games published by Spidweb Software.



· Programming: HTML5/JavaScript, C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Python, Haxe, ActionScript 3, UNIX shell scripting.
· Skills: 2D & 3D graphics, mobile development, 3rd party payment systems & APIs (e.g. Facebook), build automation, CI (Jenkins), QA automation, BI integration, CMS development and administration
· Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, IIS
· Frameworks & Platforms: Angular, Android, iOS, Node JS, Adobe Air, jQuery, Bootstrap, Django, Drupal, Wordpress, Open GL and many more…

· Significant experience with Eclipse, XCode, VIM, Adobe apps, SVN, Git, and Linux.

· Languages: Fluent in Hungarian; some Spanish, German & French.